8 Great Ironing Tips Everybody Needs to Know

OK. So let’s face it: for most, ironing is a chore. A necessity!

Buying the right board is vital. Getting the basics right is key here. Like it or not, buying an ironing board is an investment; an investment you are unlikely to replace often. The first thing you need to think about is the size of the board. The wider the board, the less time needed ironing each garment.

Check the labels inside your clothes- It may sound obvious, but reading the labels in your individual items will really help you decide how to best iron your clothes. Don’t forget, not all items of clothing will be suitable for the ironing board.

Make an informed decision- There are many different irons out there to suit every budget. We recommend investing in a steam iron. Using steam will help to cut your ironing time in half, as it often means you only have to iron one side of your garment. If you have a large family, then we would suggest choosing an iron with a separate water tank. This will reduce the time needed going back and forth filling up your iron.

Lock in the heat– For many a steam iron is just not practical, or affordable. However, do not fear, there is always a solution! Reflective ironing board covers will help to heat both sides of your garments at the same time, meaning your ironing time should be cut in half.

Iron inside out– Ironing your items inside out will help reduce the “sheen” on your black clothing. Ironing inside out will also help to keep colours looking fresh and new.

Water, water, water.– distilled or cooled boiled water reduces the chance of deposits building up on your iron. Using tap water will increase the chances of deposits making their way onto yor freshly washed clothes.

Iron & Hang- Again, this may sound like a no-brainer, but hanging your clothes straight away will help to keep those creases out.

Clean your Iron– This is a vital part of any good ironing routine. Not cleaning your iron on a regular basis could result in your iron not working as it should.

Do you have any great ironing tips? We’re always happy to hear your ideas and recommendations. Happy Ironing!